Concrete Light (Personal Project)


My goal was to create a unique concrete table light that was simple in composition but visually complex and mentally stimulating. I have worked with Rockite, a cementitious product that sets within a couple hours, on multiple small conceptual models. Another goal of this project was to create as much indirect light as possible.

 Design Process: 

I used Google SketchUp to help me figure out a multi-layered massing that would be able to accommodate a light source and disperse indirect light onto the concrete surfaces of the model.

The "section" tool in SketchUp was used to make a cut of every surface that was then printed on a template I would later use, to cut my formwork from. I used recycled 3/4 inch foam core.




LED light Strip

Spray Paint

Foam Core/aluminum tape (for formwork) 


I poured three individual sections that would end up stacking on top of one another. There is a cylindrical void on the bottom layer to allow the wires from the middle layer to pass through. The orientation of the stacked pieces has some, but little, flexibility in how they are arranged.