2011 CANstruction

Posted on by drewgingrich

It is close to that time of year again, when a team and I will be participating in an awesome event called CANstruction. As far as I know, this is a nationwide event normally reserved for architecture and design firms. Each firm registers with their local participating venue, ours being the Indiana State fair, and submits a design for something that will be constructed almost entirely out of aluminum food cans. Each year, there is a different theme in which some of the designs will stick very close to, however, there will also be rebels that will ignore the theme in order to gain favor among the audience, usually with some current pop-culture reference. The obvious intent of the competition to the designers is to win the competition with the wittiest, funniest, or amazingly constructed can structure! However, there are other objectives that motivate the design including: most number of cans, best use of labels, people’s choice award, best balanced meal, etc. Each team will likely fundraise and get support from sponsors to get the several thousand cans that each structure usually incorporates.

Last year, our firm decided to ignore the theme and go with a current trending topic – Indianapolis 2012 Super Bowl. It was what everyone was hyped about, so we made our design based on the stadium and trophy.

Best of all, the competition is actually a food drive for the local food pantries that will receive all the cans used in the competition.