(W)egocity 2.0 Tailor-Made Housing (IIT)

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Illinois Institute of Technology

[Spring 2016] -  Following the (W)ego City semester at Delft University of Technology, lead by Winy Maas of MVRDV, (W)egoCity 2.0 at Illinois Institute of Technologycontinued exploring the potential of technology to drive an efficient multi-family housing solution based entirely on real world conditions and user preferences to drive the design.  

The 2016 studio focused on several major advancements to the 'solver' developed in the 2015 studio. Much of the focus, was driven by our questions for how we could incorporate site specific variables and a wide range users.   

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Who are our users?

Starting with a wide range of demographic and socioeconomic factors, we delve into the components that make up the fabric of the city.