Ally Hotel and Spa

Location: State Street Ann Arbor, MI

Objective: A recently vacated building on state street is being demolished and is looking to be filled by a new Hotel/Spa. Find a unique inspiration surrounding the immediate intersection of State Street and Liberty Street. 

Inspiration: In exploring the character of this busy intersection, I found myself ducking out of the busy sidewalks and investigating the alleys. Our site is unique in that it has an ally next to the State Theater. While there was something eerie about being in some of the alleys, they all had one thing in common; they were quiet. There was something weirdly tranquil about them. 

Massing model showing the intersection and the two adjacent alleys .


In creating this model, I was hoping to demonstrate the idea of major and minor alley spaces being incorporated throughout the design. The existing exterior ally would remain, but would be turned into a green space. The facade of the building would be an opaque glass that shielded the interior hotel/spa from the busy street. The entrance then, would be a transparent glass opening, revealing a 4 story corridor with each level having a perforated steel flooring allowing light to penetrate from the skylight to basement level. 



Plans are hand drawn and colored with Illustrator.



State Street Elevation

Revit Model

Renderings are directly from Revit.